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The only ML-driven test automation service that automatically maintains tests and identifies regressions for you.

As consumers, machine intelligence plays an important role in making routine decisions on our behalf every day, from choosing a route to work to selecting which music to play to setting our thermostats and beyond. As software engineers, on the other hand, we find our time at work consumed by routine tasks that would be more efficiently handled with machine intelligence.

That's why we're building mabl, to deliver ml-driven functional testing.

Company Details
  • https://www.mabl.com
  • Headquarters 141 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111
  • Year Founded 2017
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Product Development, Machine learning, Product development, Automated testing
How Mabl uses AI in their company

mabl is using machine learning to help engineering teams with regression testing. As mabl is testing applications, she also collects lots of data which isn’t typically recorded by manual testers or other tools - test run time, page load times, screenshots showing visual changes in the app, etc. This data in turn trains several different types of machine learning models which are used to notify teams when something changes - either for the good or bad. Either something was working and now its not, or something was broken and now its fixed.

Case Studies
Case Study : Passportal

Password Management and Documentation Management

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